9/13/18 Mini-Update

Fun work has been heavily way-layed by necessities around the house.

Torrential rain in the SE Wisconsin area led me to discover that the conduit out to the garage enters my basement below grade when the outlet on that junction box suddenly started weeping like a miracle statue. Some hydro-proof putty seems to have resolved that.

The entry door to my garage, steel with a finger-joined frame, was in poor shape when I moved in, and the threshold gave way in August, so I replaced the door and frame with something more up to date.

Paneling and trim have advanced on the dining room, but I’m still not done. There’s lots of 3rd/4th coats to be done and final fittings. However I did get the doors on the china cabinet and the last drawer is fitting about right.

I’m searching for a replacement/refinish for my interior door knob plates. They were originally an oil-rubbed bronze color, but 100 years have turned them into a pitted and eroded cut-away of finish, copper plating, and patina that is not very flattering. A few door knobs in low-traffic areas show the original look, but I’d take something uniform over a “put the best ones in the areas you’re going to see” approach.  Maybe get them dipped and then do a high-strength paint to mimic the old finish.

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